Roderick Schacher of Honduras: Shell Companies, Politics, and Money Laundering

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Dan Goman of Ateliere is a Scammer? SEC Seems To Think So

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Cass Wennlund is an Attorney Arrested in 2023 For DUI. Where is He Now?

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David Rocker of NYSA Capital is a Scammer?

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Bill Allen of 7 Figure Flipping is a Real Estate Scammer?

Bill Allen of 7 Figure Flipping might not be as reliable as he markets himself to be.

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Joaquin Antonio Perusquia Corres Helped Genaro Garcia! (Or Did He?)

Joaquin Antonio Perusquia Corres claims to be a healthcare professional but media reports call him a money launderer. Who should you believe?

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Jad Morris of Arizona was Fined $4 Mil. Now He Is Trying to Hide it All

Jad Morris was involved in a multi-million scam but now the internet would have you think he is some entrepreneurship leader.

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Albert Albertyn: From Doctor To Criminal To Something Else

Albert Albertyn used to be a successful doctor but then faced criminal charges and everything changed.

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Eric Koeplin of Alpha Principle is Untrustworthy (Here’s Why)

Eric Koeplin might not be the most reliable financial advisor for you. Why? Find out in this expert article.

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Chris Hattingh Ruined Lives Through Ponzi Schemes?

Chris Hattingh was involved in multiple scams and didn't face any consequences. Instead, he is now promoting new, different scams.

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