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Substantial profit sharing and significant funding 

Significant profit sharing and funding

Substantial profit sharing and funding

Substantial profit sharing and significant funding. 

Large funding and substantial profit-sharing

Substantial profit sharing and funding

Large profit sharing and funding

High-profit distribution and strong financial backing

Significant funding and substantial profit sharing

Generous profit sharing and substantial support

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Top Prop Trading Firms In 2024

These are the highest rated Forex Prop Trading Firms in 2024. The rankings are based on
400 criterias including payout time, verified reviews and transparency.

Generous profit sharing and substantial funding.


Substantial profit sharing and significant funding. 


Funded Engineer is a forex prop firm with an attractive Two-step challenge. They offer up to $200,000 in funding to traders.


Substantial profit sharing and significant funding. 

Substantial profit sharing and significant funding 


Profit sharing and funding are substantial.


Why Forex Prop Trading Is Better Than Traditional Forex Traing

Forex Prop Trading and traditional Forex Trading are two approaches to the forex market that cater to different types of traders, each with its unique set of benefits and considerations. However, when closely examined, Forex Prop Trading emerges as a highly attractive alternative, especially for those seeking to maximize their trading potential without the substantial capital requirement typically associated with traditional Forex Trading. Here’s a comparison to highlight why Forex Prop Trading is often considered a much better alternative.

Capital Requirements

  • Traditional Forex Trading requires traders to use their own capital. This means the risk is entirely on the trader, and the amount of capital available directly limits the scale of trading operations and potential profits.
  • Forex Prop Trading significantly lowers the barrier to entry in terms of capital. Proprietary trading firms provide traders with funded accounts, allowing them to trade with significantly more capital than they might have access to on their own. This arrangement amplifies potential profits without the trader needing to risk their own money.

Risk Management

  • In Traditional Forex Trading, risk management is solely the trader’s responsibility. While this offers autonomy, it also means that traders bear the full brunt of losses.
  • Forex Prop Trading firms often provide robust risk management frameworks, tools, and support. This professional risk management can help traders make more informed decisions and protect against significant losses.

Profit Sharing and Costs

  • Traditional Forex Trading profits are the trader’s to keep, but all the costs (spreads, commissions) and losses are also on them. Additionally, the responsibility for funding the account to maintain margin requirements falls entirely on the trader.
  • Forex Prop Trading involves a profit-sharing arrangement, where traders keep a significant portion of the profits generated. While this means not keeping 100% of the profits, traders also aren’t responsible for losses beyond their control, and trading costs are typically covered by the firm.

Growth and Learning

  • Traditional Forex Trading often involves a solitary journey, where learning and development depend on the trader’s initiative to seek out resources and mentorship.
  • Forex Prop Trading firms frequently offer structured growth pathways, educational resources, mentorship, and community support. This environment fosters continuous improvement and professional development, making it an excellent platform for both novice and experienced traders.


  • Traditional Forex Trading scalability is directly tied to the trader’s own capital and ability to manage larger volumes effectively.
  • Forex Prop Trading allows for greater scalability. As traders demonstrate success and reliability, proprietary trading firms often provide access to increased funding and more significant trading opportunities, enabling traders to scale their operations without needing to provide additional capital.

Best Overall Forex Prop Trading Firm In 2024

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