NESN Host Marc James Benarzyk Harassed Aspiring Actress?

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In the world of sports broadcasting, NESN Host Marc James Benarzyk’s recent suspension has grabbed attention. A young woman named Alyssa Labrie accused him of harassing her.

Marc James Benarzyk
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They met during a photoshoot, where Benarzyk got her number under the pretence of professional networking. But instead of professional talk, Labrie says he sent her unwanted messages and insults.

Who is Marc James Benarzyk?

Marc James Benarzyk is a skilled sports radio host and reporter known for his deep knowledge of the sports world. He works at Sports Talk Florida WWBA in Tampa, where he provides dynamic reporting.

Marc has been part of CBS Sports Radio for over ten years, covering various time slots. His work at WEEI 93.7 FM in Boston gained him popularity across New England, building his reputation as a journalist.

Marc also served as a host on NESN and has a lot of experience from his time at CBS Radio. He holds two master’s degrees, one in journalism and another in sports administration, which have helped him excel in his career.

But now, with accusations of harassing an aspiring actress, questions arise about his professionalism and integrity.

Despite his accomplishments in the field of sports journalism, these allegations cast a shadow over his career and call into question his character.

How Marc James Benarzyk Met Alyssa Labrie

Alyssa Labrie, a 22-year-old aspiring actress and model, first met Marc James during a photoshoot in the summertime. As they crossed paths, Marc initiated a conversation, and they exchanged contact information.

Alysss saw this as a great networking opportunity in the industry, and a chance to connect professionally.

But, what ensued took a different turn from Alyssa’s expectations. She soon found herself receiving messages from Marc James that veered away from professional matters.

Instead, they became increasingly personal and unwelcome. Despite her attempts to maintain a boundary, the messages persisted, leaving Alyssa feeling harassed and unsettled.

In response to this unwanted attention, Alyssa took to Facebook to share her experience and posted a lengthy message on Facebook, showing some of the messages exchanged between her and Marc James.

Here are some of them:

This is How the NESN Host Responded to Allegations

When asked about the allegations, Marc James told journalist Ali Reid that a female friend had taken his phone on Oct. 7 and messaged Alyssa on his behalf. He also denied having some of the messages on his phone.

He explained, “I was with a group of people watching college football, and one of them, a girl, mentioned I was getting texts from Alyssa. I had asked Alyssa to meet up. The girl scrolled through our texts and said Alyssa was being unpleasant to me and wanted to argue. I told her not to respond and not to tell Alyssa anything. After reading the article, I couldn’t find the texts on my phone. I contacted the girl, who said she had blocked and deleted Alyssa… so I had no idea. My phone wasn’t in my hands during that time, and I can guarantee none of those texts are on my phone. I was extremely upset reading this article, and this is definitely not me.”

A Weeklong Suspension

As Labrie’s screenshots started getting attention, NESN acted fast, suspending Benarzyk for a week. However, the suspension doesn’t seem enough considering the seriousness of the accusations.

Benarzyk tried to deflect blame by saying a female friend sent the texts from his phone without his knowledge. But many find this explanation hard to believe.

When Marc James Benarzyk tried to go on dates with her, sending Labrie videos and pictures for three months. Even when she tried to say no politely, he didn’t stop. When she finally told him no directly, he got mad and started making fun of her looks, job choices, and where she lived.

She felt really frustrated because she was just trying to be nice, but he acted mean when she said no. It’s even weirder because he left a game once because people thought he was asking for autographs, something sports reporters usually don’t do.

He didn’t talk to WEEI or NESN about what happened, but he did talk to Ali Reid, who wrote about it. He said some of the mean texts were sent by a friend using his phone, and he denied being mean to anyone.

But she didn’t really believe him. She thought he was just trying to protect himself while saying she was lying, which made things worse. She thought it showed a bad attitude towards women and didn’t feel right.

Closing Thoughts

In the aftermath of Alyssa Labrie’s accusations against Marc James Benarzyk, the world of sports broadcasting has been left reeling. Benarzyk, once known for his expertise and accomplishments in the field, now finds himself embroiled in controversy.

The allegations of harassment have cast a shadow over Benarzyk’s career, raising questions about his professionalism and integrity. Despite his denial and attempts to deflect blame, the evidence presented by Labrie and others paints a troubling picture.

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