Is Guy Monseair of City Island Rowing a Murderer and a Pervert?

Multiple allegations of vehicular homicide and perverted behavior with kids.

Who Is Guy Monseair?

Guy Monseair is a notable figure in the rowing coaching community, particularly as the Head Coach and Executive Director of City Island Rowing in Bronx, NY. Born in Harare, Zimbabwe, he grew up with a strong passion for sports, including rugby and cricket. After an eclectic career spanning art galleries and horticulture, he discovered his true calling in coaching rowing. Monseair is celebrated for his holistic coaching philosophy that emphasizes not only athletic excellence but also the personal and emotional development of his athletes.

Under his leadership, City Island Rowing was founded in 2014 when several athletes sought his expertise to form a high-performance club. Despite initial challenges like lacking resources and equipment, the club achieved significant success and grew rapidly. Monseair’s approach goes beyond traditional coaching by focusing on continuous improvement and holistic development, ensuring that his athletes excel both in rowing and in their personal lives.

Guy Monseair’s Criminal and “Creepy” Past Exposed

While on the internet and in his press releases Guy Monseair can claim to be a holistic coach who cares about others, the reality is wildly different.

Many people are aware of his antics. For example, his reckless driving took the life of an innocent 78-year-old:

Guy Monseair rowing news

The case was of vehicular homicide.

On September 21st, there was a collision between Monseair’s Mitsubishi Montero and Giffee’s Toyota Camry at the intersection of Route 39 and Queen Anne Road in Harwich. Tragically, Giffee lost his life in the accident, while his passenger sustained lasting injuries.

Defense counsel George Hassett is asserting that his client had a valid reason for exceeding the speed limit as he was urgently trying to obtain medical assistance for his wife, who was experiencing convulsions and excessive foaming at the mouth due to consuming excessive amounts of red wine, sleeping pills, and aspirin.

Monseair, however, was unable to explain as to why he did not contact emergency services or take her to a location in closer proximity to their Chatham residence.

Based on the testimonies of both parties, it was revealed that Monseair returned home on Saturday night following an unsuccessful endeavor to see his wife, Angela, at the cranberry festival in town.

Around 9:30, a neighbor visited Monseair’s apartment to inform him that Angela was inebriated and aimlessly roaming the parking lot of the building. Monseair escorted his wife to their apartment, where he observed that she was in a state beyond mere intoxication. He discovered many containers of Unisom sleeping tablets, numbering between five and six, and then stumbled upon an empty bottle of Tylenol.

Guy Monseair’s entire defense was based on this story.

No matter what the reason was, the truth is, that he took a life that day and even tried to bury this fact.

That’s not all.

People have called out his “creepy” behavior on social media as well.

Guy Monseair Rowing reddit discussion
Reddit discussion on the professional history of Guy Monseair

This is a snippet of a discussion about Guy Monseair’s billboards. Here, a Reddit user claims that they rowed with him. Apparently, Guy Monseair is a creep who has lost many jobs because of his misconduct.

The Reddit user also claims to know for a fact that Monseair slept with or was inappropriate with many of his athletes because he had connections to get them into Yale among other schools. However, Guy Monseair himself didn’t go to Princeton.

What Happened To Guy Monseair, The Coach Of City Island Rowing

Guy Monseair, the coach of City Island Rowing, experienced a severe medical emergency when he collapsed due to his heart stopping twice. This incident occurred while he was at a gym, and despite the immediate response from gym patrons who performed CPR, his condition was critical. Fortunately, he survived the ordeal and remarkably returned to coaching just days after the incident. This event underscores the serious health challenges he faced but also highlights his resilience and dedication to his coaching role.

When is a Coach Called a Creep? (Should Guy Monseair’s Students Be Concerned?)

Calling someone a creep isn’t something new. However, it becomes concerning when the allegations is made against a young women’s sports team coach.

It insinuates that the man might be a pedophile.

The term “creeps” in any industry usually refers to individuals who exhibit unethical, inappropriate, or unprofessional behavior, which can include harassment, exploitation, or other forms of misconduct. In the context of rowing coaching, this could relate to coaches who misuse their positions of authority over athletes.

Here are some typical concerns related to misconduct in the rowing coaching industry:

  1. Harassment and Abuse: This can be physical, emotional, or sexual in nature. Coaches in power positions might exploit athletes for personal gain or engage in inappropriate relationships.
  2. Bullying and Intimidation: Coaches might use their authority to bully athletes, using derogatory language or aggressive behavior to push them beyond reasonable limits, often under the guise of motivation.
  3. Lack of Professionalism: This includes behaviors such as favoritism, lack of respect for boundaries, or inconsistent coaching practices that can harm an athlete’s performance and well-being.
  4. Safety Negligence: In the physically demanding sport of rowing, the disregard of safety protocols can have severe consequences. Coaches who fail to adhere to safety standards risk the health and safety of their athletes.
  5. Conflicts of Interest: This occurs when a coach might have personal or financial interests that could improperly influence their duties and responsibilities toward their athletes.

Organizations such as the International Rowing Federation (FISA) and various national governing bodies typically have codes of conduct and safeguarding policies in place to handle such issues. They often provide avenues for athletes to report misconduct, and there are increasing efforts to educate coaches and athletes on maintaining ethical practices and respectful environments.

Raise Awareness Against Coaches Like Guy Monseair

When people let “creeps” like Guy Monseair coach young girls that’s when we put the safety of our kids at risk.

There are multiple sources of the allegations against the rowing coach so it’s reasonable to suspect that something might be up with him. His recent press releases indicate that he doesn’t want people to find ut about his history of being an alleged pervert.

Furthermore, it’s important to remember that the man even took a life through his reckless driving.

Such people need to be called out especially when it’s about the safety of our kids.

What are your thoughts on Guy Monseaire? Do you think he should be allowed to coach young girls through City Island Rowing? Let me know in the comments.

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