Chris Hattingh Ruined Lives Through Ponzi Schemes?

Chris Hattingh is one of those sleazy marketers who stay in the shadows and ruin lives along the way. He has been involved in multiple Ponzi schemes and played a crucial role in making people join the notorious Ponzi scheme MTI.

You’d think, “Why would a marketer would stay out of the limelight anyway? Isn’t it counterintuitive?”

Well, when you’re a marketer for scams, it’s better to stay away from any kind of unwanted attention. Otherwise, people will start calling you out.

And a scammer can’t succeed if they get called out too much.

However, Chris Hattingh faced no consequences for promoting the MTI scam. This article will go over his connection with that alleged scam and why you should call him out as much as possible.

Note: I’m not talking about the “politician” but the MLM promoter Chris Hattingh.

Chris Hattingh’s Connection with MTI Exposed

The second Chris Hattingh, as reported by the Threat Awareness Wiki, is known for promoting multiple passive income schemes, including chain letter and Ponzi scams. He authored a hard-seller guide for Mirror Trading International (MTI), which was used in official presentations and on their website. MTI has been implicated in a Ponzi scheme, and Chris Hattingh’s involvement with it has been documented.

Furthermore, he is believed to be the primary beneficiary of Gift of Legacy, a gifting pyramid scheme. He was part of the “Core 5” team of admins behind the scam and has also been promoting a stem cell rejuvenation patches MLM. Despite the collapse of Gift of Legacy, he has been involved in its reboots, including New Earth Economy Global, which has been criticized for being a tiered matrix gifting model similar to the original scam.

Gift of Legacy received a pyramid scheme fraud warning from Russia, and despite being run by South Africans within South Africa and targeting South Africans, South African authorities have not taken action against the scam. Chris Hattingh’s involvement in these schemes has been a subject of controversy and has been reported by various sources dedicated to exposing scams and fraudulent activities.

In summary, the controversies surrounding Chris Hattingh are twofold, with one individual being a politician with a clean record in public service, and the other being implicated in promoting fraudulent passive income and pyramid schemes. It is crucial to distinguish between the two when discussing the controversies surrounding the name Chris Hattingh.

More about Chris Hattingh’s Scam:

The Gift of Legacy is described as a gifting pyramid scheme due to its business model, which involves participants giving cash “gifts” to higher-ranking members with the expectation of receiving larger amounts in return as they recruit new members to join beneath them. This type of scheme is characterized by its reliance on continuous recruitment of new participants to sustain payouts to those at higher levels in the pyramid. The mathematical inevitability is that the majority of participants will lose money, as the scheme relies on an ever-increasing number of new recruits, which is unsustainable in the long term.

Chris was among the biggest promoters of this scheme.

The Gift of Legacy scheme has been criticized for its structure, which is similar to other known pyramid and Ponzi schemes. It operates on a simple matrix gifting pyramid model, where participants pay in a certain amount (e.g., $100) and are promised a significantly higher return (e.g., $700) as they progress up the levels of the pyramid by recruiting others. This model is inherently flawed because it requires an infinite number of new participants to join for everyone to receive the promised returns, which is impossible.

The scheme has been subject to legal scrutiny and warnings. For example, the Consumer Protection Act of South Africa outlaws such schemes, and in Michigan, promoting a pyramid scheme is a felony, while participating in one is a misdemeanor. Despite these legal implications, the scheme has been promoted and defended by some of its participants, who argue that it is a voluntary gifting activity that can change people’s lives for the better. However, the mathematical certainty and legal stance on such schemes contradict these claims.

Chris Hattingh MTI
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Gift of Legacy has faced collapse and has been rebooted under different names, such as New Earth Economy Global, which indicates a pattern of rebranding and restarting such schemes after they inevitably fail due to the exhaustion of the pool of new recruits.

As people don’t call out the actual promoters of these scams, it gets easy for the perpetrators to get away with it. The scammers don’t face any legal repercussions as they can restart their Ponzi scheme with a simple rebrand.

Despite the reboots, the fundamental issue of the pyramid structure remains unchanged, leading to the same outcome of collapse.

The scheme has been widely recognized as illegal and a form of financial fraud, with various consumer protection agencies and scam awareness groups warning against participation in such schemes. They emphasize that gifting clubs are illegal pyramid schemes and that participants are likely to lose their investment. Additionally, involvement in these schemes can put individuals at risk of identity theft and other scams, as personal information is often shared among participants.

In summary, the Gift of Legacy is a pyramid scheme that operates on the principle of recruiting new members to provide financial “gifts” to those above them in the hierarchy, with the promise of receiving larger amounts in return. The scheme is illegal and unsustainable, and it has been subject to legal action and public warnings due to its fraudulent nature.

How Chris Hattingh’s Scam Affected Others:

The Gift of Legacy pyramid scheme, like many similar schemes, has a significant negative impact on its participants and the broader community. This scheme operates on a matrix-based gifting model where participants make a $100 gifting payment with the expectation of receiving a larger payout as more members join the scheme. However, the structure is inherently unsustainable and leads to financial loss for the majority of its participants.

Financial Losses

The primary impact of the Gift of Legacy scheme is financial loss for the majority of its participants. The scheme requires each participant to recruit more members to sustain the payout structure. As detailed in the analysis, the mathematical model shows that it requires exponentially more people to join to sustain the payouts, which is practically impossible as it would eventually require more people than the total global population. This pyramid structure guarantees that while a few early entrants may receive payouts, the majority who are lower down in the structure will lose their money when the scheme inevitably collapses due to a lack of new recruits.

Pyramid schemes like Gift of Legacy are illegal in many jurisdictions. They are considered fraudulent because they promise high returns that are not based on any legitimate underlying business activities but rather on the continuous recruitment of new members. Participants, often misled by the scheme’s promises, find themselves not only at a financial loss but also potentially facing legal consequences for participating in or promoting illegal activities.

Sadly, many people aren’t even aware of the illegal nature of these scams.

Psychological and Social Strain

The scheme often targets vulnerable individuals looking for financial opportunities in tough economic times. The psychological impact of losing money can be severe, leading to stress and a sense of betrayal, especially when personal relationships are leveraged to recruit new members. This can lead to strained relationships and a breakdown of trust within communities and families.

It’s worth noting that MLM schemes tend to fracture families horribly. I don’t know about you but I start avoiding any relative who joins such schemes because I know they might ask me to join.

Misuse of Funds

The structure of the scheme ensures that most of the money collected is funneled to the top leaders of the pyramid. In the case of Gift of Legacy, it is reported that the scheme is designed to benefit the founders and those in the top tiers at the expense of the majority of the members. This transfer of wealth from many to a few exacerbates inequality and contributes to a deceptive business practice that enriches the scheme’s operators under false pretenses.

Wider Economic Impact

Beyond individual financial losses, pyramid schemes like Gift of Legacy can have broader economic implications. They divert funds away from legitimate business investments and consumer spending, which can have ripple effects on local economies. Additionally, the inevitable collapse of such schemes can lead to broader distrust in legitimate financial systems and investment opportunities, which is detrimental to economic stability.

In conclusion, the Gift of Legacy pyramid scheme, characterized by its unsustainable recruitment-driven payout structure, not only leads to significant financial losses for the majority of its participants but also poses legal risks, contributes to psychological and social harm, and has a negative impact on the broader economic landscape.

What You Can Do About Chris Hattingh

While many people are aware of the Mirror Trading International scam, few people recognize actual names who ran that operation.

As a result, while the scams keep shutting down and rebooting, the actual scammers keep getting richer.

If you want to save others from falling prey to such scams the best thing you can do is raise awareness about those promoters.

As long as people will remain ignorant of the promoters aka the actual “brains” behind such Ponzi schemes, there’s no use of shutting down MLM scams.

The best thing you can do is share this article with others. Or, talk about it on social media.

The more people get to know about these scammers the less chances they have to actually defraud someone.

After all, most of the victims are desperate, gullible people who only want a way out of their rat-race-esque life. The least you and I can do is make as many people aware of scammers like Chris Hattingh as possible.

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  • The article presents a detailed account of the fraudulent activities associated with Chris Hattingh. It is important for readers to research thoroughly before involving themselves in any similar schemes.

  • While the article highlights the negative aspects of these schemes, it would be beneficial to include information on how individuals can protect themselves from falling victim to such scams in the future.

  • I appreciate the distinction made between the two Chris Hattinghs. It’s vital to ensure that the identity of the politician is not wrongly associated with these allegations.

  • The information provided is quite alarming, and it underscores the importance of oversight from relevant authorities to prevent the proliferation of such fraudulent schemes.

  • The analysis of the Gift of Legacy scheme’s unsustainable model is insightful. It illustrates the precarious nature of these schemes and how they are destined to fail, affecting many participants.

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