Cass Wennlund is an Attorney Arrested in 2023 For DUI. Where is He Now?

Sometimes a small mistake can become the reason for someone’s downfall. Cass Wennlund didn’t know his drunk driving in March 2023 would cost him so dearly.

The New Lenox Township Supervisor ended up facing multiple charges when he was caught.

Afterwards, he (or his marketers) began running a reputation-laundering campaign and that’s what we’ll talk about here.

You’ll learn about this eccentric attorney, his story of the arrest, and what he is doing these days:

Who is Cass Wennlund?

Cass Wennlund is an attorney based in Will County. He runs Wennlund & Associates and is also the New Lenox Township Supervisor.

He has decades of industry experience and claims to follow a client-centric approach. At the time of writing this article, the website of Wennlund & Associates was under development.

Cass Wennlund claims to have been an attorney for over 32 years. However, there aren’t many client testimonials or reviews of his services online. As a result, it’s quite difficult to trust his claims so easily.

Still, it might be difficult for him to focus on his online reviews so much considering he is also the New Lenox Township Supervisor.

Right now, he and his team are busy running a reputation-laundering campaign to ensure others don’t discover what I’m about to share below:

When An Attorney Went to Jail

Cass Wennlund was arrested in March 2023 for DUI.

On March 6th, deputies from Will County noticed a truck exiting a residence near 143rd and Chicory Trail in Homer Glen. The truck had its hazard lights on as it left the property. The vehicle was stopped by officers, and it was being driven by Wennlund. He got arrested after deputies noticed certain behaviors that made them suspect he had been drinking.

He was charged with transporting or carrying alcohol while driving, driving under the influence of alcohol, operating an uninsured motor vehicle, and improper land usage.

Certainly, being arrested for DUI does not look good for the New Lenox Township Supervisor.

Is Cass Wennlund Running a Reputation Laundering Campaign?

If you look up “Cass Wennlund” or “Cass Wennlund Attorney”, you’ll see a long list of articles praising him as an industry leader:

For example, the article I featured above talks about an interview Wennlund has given recently. It introduces him as a ‘distinguished legal expert’ and a ‘revered community leader’.

Furthermore, the article praises Wennlund’s commitment to his community as he is the New Lenox Township supervisor.

Certainly, the article is nothing but a paid promotional feature to help Cass improve his online reputation.

The internet is full of such articles. There’s a name for this activity and it’s called reputation laundering.

As the name suggests, reputation laundering is pretty harmful. It pollutes the information we consume as it fills the web with disinformation and makes it difficult for everyone to trust online search results.

There are many harms of reputation laundering:

Harms of Reputation Laundering:

Reputation laundering is harmful because it allows individuals or entities with a history of unethical or illegal behavior to disguise their past and integrate into reputable circles. This can lead to several negative consequences:

  1. Deception: It misleads the public, investors, and regulators about the true nature of an individual’s or entity’s activities, creating a false sense of trustworthiness.
  2. Evasion of Accountability: Reputation launderers can evade sanctions and scrutiny, which means they can continue their harmful activities without facing consequences.
  3. Corruption of Institutions: By donating to charities, universities, and political parties, reputation launderers can corrupt these institutions and potentially influence them to serve their interests instead of the public good.
  4. Undermining Democracy: Reputation laundering can enable kleptocrats and other corrupt individuals to manipulate democratic processes and institutions, weakening the foundations of democratic societies.
  5. Distortion of Markets: It can distort financial markets by making it difficult to distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate activities, leading to unfair competition and market inefficiencies.
  6. Social Harm: Reputation laundering can facilitate the expansion of criminal operations, as it allows criminals to legitimize their ill-gotten gains and use them to further their illegal activities.

In essence, reputation laundering is dangerous because it allows bad actors to continue their harmful behavior under the guise of respectability, which can have wide-ranging negative effects on society and the economy.

It’s pretty common among online scammers and criminals to engage in such activities.


Cass Wennlund seems like he used to be a good guy. However, his use of reputation laundering services makes it difficult for anyone to trust his current claims.

When you use propaganda services to hide something, why should anyone trust what you say?

There are many issues in his reputation laundering campaign and I hope he realizes his mistake.

What do you guys think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • It’s interesting to see how the reputation laundering process unfolds. I wonder if there’s any way for the public to differentiate between genuine praise and manufactured content.

  • The article raises an important point about accountability and the impact of reputation laundering on public trust. It’s a complex issue that seems to require more transparency.

  • I appreciate the breakdown of the harms of reputation laundering. It’s alarming how far-reaching the consequences can be, affecting not just individual perception but institutions and markets as well.

  • The focus on Cass Wennlund’s case illustrates a real-world example of the challenges faced when trying to discern someone’s true professional standing. It underscores the need for thorough research.

  • While the situation with Cass Wennlund is unfortunate, it’s a reminder that maintaining integrity in both personal and professional life is crucial, especially for public figures.

  • Interesting article. It sheds light on how public figures try to manage their reputation after an incident. It’s important for people to do their own research and not rely solely on what they find on the internet.

  • The article presents a critical view on reputation laundering, highlighting the ethical concerns it brings up. It’s a good reminder on the impact of such practices on public trust.

  • As someone unacquainted with Cass Wennlund, this was informative. It’s always valuable to consider how the information we receive may be influenced by certain campaigns.

  • The concept of reputation laundering is not new, but it’s concerning to see it so blatantly in play. The transparency and accountability aspects are definitely points that need more attention.

  • I appreciate the insights on reputation laundering. It’s certainly a complicated issue that affects our perception of not just individuals but institutions. Critical thinking is key in digesting such information.

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